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The Three Pillars

At the end of the day (or the beginning), Journey Talk is about three things. 

1. Community

This is a place to meet and gather with old and new friends. It's a chance to be around not the usual crowd. A diverse group of people who share a common interest to explore, learn, be curious, and get out there and live each day like it was the last one. The real beauty of this community is we would not normally even be a community. We live in different places. Do different things. Have different lives. Yet, here we are. And at the heart of it all is a shared desire to have each other's back. To be a sounding board for one another. Even to challenge and hold each other accountable. 

2. Passion

Every person you know, including you(!), is passionate about something. Every one of us has things we want. Maybe we're not exactly sure what they are all the time. But our passions cannot be kept at bay. They eventually reveal themselves. Could be a new job. New place to live. Starting a new relationship or even saying good-bye to a different one. Becoming our own boss. And nobody gets to vote on your passion. Sometimes we pursue the passion and sometimes we decide to put off the dream or the idea or the hope. Something stops us. At Journey Talk, you are encouraged to take the leap. To get after the thing you want. To trust yourself. We're here to help each other get over, through, and around the roadblocks. 

3. Decency

Members of Journey Talk have a lot in common. We also have a lot not in common. We don't always agree. We don't always take the same position. But the safest communities are the ones where conflict works. Where disagreement isn't personal. Where trust exists and no one is judged for a belief or an idea. Instead, we listen and get curious. We pay openness forward. We believe in positive intent. We do our best to shape our words and actions from places of care and caring. The best part is it is all natural. Decent people attract decent people. 

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