Oh man. Remember those college road trips? You and a few friends crammed in a Mazda? Okay maybe that was me with Joel, George, and the kid whose name I don't remember. You might have to think back 30 years or to just last summer. There you were. Backpacks stuffed, playlists cued up, and the cooler topped off. You had a destination, but it turned out the best parts were the conversations. Especially when you were driving at 3 a.m. But, what's that got to do with Journey Talk? 

Turns out, a lot. We're using the spirit of those road trips to create virtual experiences to help you get from one place to another in a different way. The Journey Talk Road Trip is a 6-week adventure with you and a car-full of compatriots who are after a positive and, quite possibly, life-changing experience.

Our kick-off Road Trip is The 0-60 Road Trip. Like the name sounds, it's designed to get you going (see it below). And, if you're at all nervous, fear not. You will have the Road Trip Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t enjoy the ride and return refreshed and ready to roll, you will have all of your gas money returned.

There's nothing better than a road trip to get clear. 

A Road Trip will give you a success path with clear intentions, targets, and milestones. You will end the trip in a new place in your life and/or work, with clarity, action steps, and purpose.

So, what's in a Road Trip?

  • Travel with three to five other like-minded people on a journey together, but each of you chooses your own destination.

  • As an ICF-certified coach, I'll lead the way – facilitating conversations, always keeping your goals in sight. Pretty soon, we'll have additional "drivers" leading their own Road Trips.

  • We'll have a 60-min group call once a week for six weeks. In between, you'll have opportunities to talk with your fellow passengers.

  • You'll have a 1-on-1 check-in with me halfway through the trip to make sure you're on track. I'll also stay on after each call to answer questions, and you and I will do a debrief at the end of the trip.

  • You'll receive a downloadable travel guide with tools, frameworks, exercises, and resources to stay on course. It's where you can reflect, track progress, pick up a few tips, and prepare.

  • We'll have a private Facebook group for your Road Trip so you can be part of conversations with the passengers in your car, as well as other past and present travelers.

0-60 Road Trip

We all have things we want to do. Then life gets in the way.

The 0-60 Road Trip is the thing that can get you going. Fast.

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