$100 off a 6-week coaching experience? How thoughtful of you.


Journey Talk's 0-60 Road Trip is a 6-week adventure with a virtual car-full of compatriots who are after a positive and, quite possibly, life-changing experience. It's the thing your friend or loved one need to get them started on that personal or professional goal fast. Learn more about the trip here.


After purchasing a gift card, you'll be able to download a "Road Trip gift card" PDF with space to fill in your and their names and a discount code they'll need to enter when they come back on the website to book their trip.


Tell your friend or loved one to get their backpacks stuffed and playlists cued up, because we're hitting the road.

$100 Road Trip Gift Card

  • We're using the spirit of road trips to create virtual experiences to help you, or someone special in your life, get from one place to another in a different way. Learn more here.

  • After purchase, you'll be redirected to a landing page where you can download your gift card PDF file (you'll also receive an emailed receipt with the link). Then just print the pdf and tuck inside a card. You can also email the file to your friend or loved one. If you need assistance, email ed@journeytalk.community.