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Movement without movement

Covid got me this week. Fully vaxxed, boosted, chicken-souped, and people-supported, I've faired well, thank you. But it did stop me in my tracks. I went nowhere and did nothing. 'Nowhere' and 'nothing' have always been dangerous for me. My kryptonite. After my trip of 10,000 miles, I remember asking, "What now? How can I experience movement without moving?"

One week has not transformed me into something I'm not. I'm still better on a trail, a climb, a road. I learn best when I can feel it and test it. I even love to move through conversations. Three minutes into the most amazing discussion, my left leg will start to bounce. But, this week, I traveled zero miles and found reward. Just this morning, here at home, I read the New Yorker magazine. The hard copy. And not just the cartoons. I learned a ton. And all week, here at home, I have said, "Yes, thank you," as I accept help from Terri.

It was easier riding 10,000 miles.

I finish this non-movement week in a different place from where I started. Movement, defined, I suppose. And it reminded me of something important. This movie that is our life is made up of single frames. And the real movement is pausing to appreciate each one.

I hope you are well. I look forward to the next Coffee Talk where we'll explore the art of slowing down, even when we don't have to.


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