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Making the decision

From Ken Norkin:

Despite Governor Hogan's ban on "large gatherings" of 250 or more, it's been looking like the owner of Castlebay Irish Pub was intending to go ahead with hosting the usual crowd on St. Patrick's Day (Tuesday) and having my band, Paddy Goes West, show up to play. As recently as this morning, he sent a message about being stocked and ready for St. Pat's. My bandmates and I, meanwhile, have for days been in a near-constant email and text discussion about whether to play or cancel.

Our newest member, female vocalist who joins in for part of the sets, bailed yesterday, citing concern not so much for herself but for her husband who has compromised lungs and has had pneumonia.

I had already pointed out in one message that the rest of us are all in the higher risk group of people over 60. Two of us have the additional risk factor of heart disease. I had reluctantly agreed to play if we absolutely had to.  After more back-and-forth, I finally wrote this morning:  "Truth is, I'd rather not play. If you need someone to outright refuse, then I'll go first: I'm not playing." The rest were coming to that same decision. So Tom (our Annapolis-based bandmate who is the contact for this gig) finally told the owner we're not playing. Plus, we offered to play for free in April or May, as soon as it's safe to have a post-virus celebration

And he was fine with it. "Let's survive first!" he wrote.

We're not isolating as much as we should. But we're cutting back.

And now I'm headed to the treadmill for a short walk to nowhere and the final episode of Westworld season one.

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