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Just a check-in.

I don't think that I have anything all that blog-worthy to share tonight. Still, I felt like writing. Compared to a lot of the world and a lot of the country, my staying at home is easy. And I'm lucky that the people in my life are healthy right now. I have a number of projects, hobbies, and interests to keep me busy, but I find myself only partially motivated. Take Journey Talk. I'm grateful to be building this community with all of you but it feels like a challenging time to be building anything. So I appreciate all of you for showing up on the calls and on the site. Keeps me going. What is true for me, and I've been talking to people about this – particularly my coaching clients – is going through a time like this has allowed me to focus on what really matters to me. The simplicity of every day and the extra time for reflection has been an opportunity for me to look at what is at my core. To notice the things I care about. It's that North Star thing. Sometimes I feel like I need to be using this time to get on it and get ahead of it, if that makes sense. You know, be productive, man! Then, I seem to lose that intention. I suppose it's all part of living through C-19. And I wonder how this understanding of purpose will translate when I/we come out of hiding. Will I have the courage to pursue the things that matter most in my journey? Or will I get distracted and let other voices play too big a role. Anyway. I appreciate all of you – everyone who is being their best self at this time. Peace and health, Ed.

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