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Early winter musings

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Hi, Ed here.

If you know me, you know I’ve changed careers a few times in my life. Each of those changes came with some risk and the reality of having to start over again, learning new skills and building new networks. Here I am again on the brink of another possible change. This one actually feels even riskier. Pivoting my focus in time, energy, and resources to Journey Talk comes with no guarantees of success. This uncertainty collides with my belief that the only way to take something on is to be all-in. And being all-in to Journey Talk will require I say no to other work. Which begs the question, what is success? We Americans seem to have that wrapped up in financial and lifestyle terms and, certainly, I have bought into some of that. But what I know about Journey Talk is that it is exactly in line with my North Star.

What is my North Star? I am the most fulfilled when I am creating environments where others can be their best selves. Whether I have consciously pursued this North Star or traveled the path without even being aware, I do know I have always tried to build collaborative, respectful, and creative cultures in my family, my business, and with my various friendships and associations. Some days and months and years I have been “successful” in living my North Star values and other times I have failed. In a way, Journey Talk is a culmination of this activity because the opportunity here is to create a limitless community of people being their best selves.

My Request:

I'm curious how you define success and would love to hear your thoughts.

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