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Bill's PP&T

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

For me, person is someone called Eduardo who i have started tutoring in math as he prepares to enter a diploma equivalency program at the age of almost 50. An immigrant to the US from S. America, he works three jobs, including some back breaking overnight work loading UPS trucks, but he finds time to keep focused on his goals of a diploma so he can enter college and improve his career prospects. Awesome roll model for his 6 y.o. son. Eduardo inspires me, keeps me grateful, and shares time as another thing to look forward to every week.

place would have to be home, however one defines it for one's self .... i have found myself really calm, centered, at peace, and restored coming off the holidays for no other reason than I just stayed home. Playing music with my wife and son, playing board games, enjoying food and conversation all adds up to home. The world is wide and wonderful and there will be time enough to see some more of it. But for now, home has been awesome.

thing, simply enough, has been a back-brace that has restored a good amount of pain-free daily movement for me. It's amazing what the mind and spirit can create when the body isn't interrupting with a continuous OOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUCH!

live well folks !

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