back to work

30 June 2020

So I have been at home since the end of March. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, my workplace sorted folks by function and my function was (rightly) put in tier 4 (least essential) which meant that I would be at home until the restrictions were lifted. The nature of my work does not support working from home, so I became a gentleman of leisure.

Firstly, I slept later every day. Don't let anyone tell you that sleep is over rated. Waking up when my body says it's time is probably the biggest mood-balancer I can think of.

Once awake, I used a good chunk of the time to dive into reading about anti-racism and feminism. I have increased my volunteer efforts in social justice work too. I've been working through an online workshop about how to use empathy to more effectively engage in difficult conversations on these topics. I hope to have encouraging results to report back on moving forward.

I've played more music too. And I've gotten good at expert-level sudoku.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. I just found out that I am going back to work next Monday. I'll miss the time spent freely in these pursuits.

I'll tell ya' one thing ... If we get Medicare-for-all, and I'm retiring !!!

stay safe, everyone!