Our Journeys

These are the stories our members (aka Journey Talkers) have put out into the community about their own personal and professional voyages, past, present, and future. And when I say "Journey Talkers" I'm including myself! This is where I will continue to share my own musings from the road, both near and far. These entries, along with the conversations we have over coffee, are the lifeblood of Journey Talk. If you haven't yet shared what you are up to, please consider it. And before you think your story isn’t a story, well, it is.

If you haven't yet told a story we hope you decide to post something soon. You can start anywhere. Just click that button below that says "Create a Post."


I happen to love this this quote from Kindra Hall, author of Stories That Stick.


"Remember, our stories don’t sound like stories to us. Our stories just sound like life."


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