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Just think of how great it'll feel when you become an official Journey Talker. The original idea behind Journey Talk is still the idea behind Journey Talk. We're a diverse community of people who share the belief that dreams are to be pursued. And while no one can know exactly what's in someone else's heart or what their "why" might be, we can support each other in that relentless pursuit. We get to travel together even if we're each on our own journey.

There are three kinds of Journey Talk memberships. The descriptions are below. And remember to check out the answers to the questions that are most often asked.

How would you like to travel?


The Wanderer

Cheaper than Netflix, and a whole lot more valuable!



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Access to ALL Coffee Talks

10% off Regular Road Trip Price

Monthly "Coffee Talk Specials"

(4) Mobile Guides to the Universe

10% off Gear

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The Adventurer

Everything you need to follow your North Star.



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Access to ALL Coffee Talks

Spring (6 wk) Road Trip Included

Fall (6 wk) Road Trip Included

10 Road Trip Meetups

(in between trips)

Monthly "Coffee Talk Specials"

(4) Mobile Guides to the Universe

10% off Gear

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The Free Rider

In case you're not yet ready to step onto the road less traveled.





Access to ALL Coffee Talks

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A little more about Journey Talk.


Hey, Ed here. The creation of this community is the product of my more than six decades on the planet. Like you, I've experienced wonderful things and some pretty terrible things. Each chapter has played a part in getting me here. The country-wide motorcycle trip I took in the spring and summer of 2019 gave me time to reflect and, frankly, to be grateful. In those 10,000 miles I got to meet so many people and listen to their stories. Every story reminded me of how lucky I am to be 

surrounded by all of you. People who care and are committed to being their best selves. My hope is that Journey Talk becomes a place where we can come together virtually, and face-to-face, to share our stories and be inspired to keep getting after the thing each of us finds in our core. On more than one occasion I have shifted my journey after a friend, work peer, or family member asked me this question: "Ed, what's stopping you?" Hearing that inquiry always gives me pause and, in time, I get clear about what I want and then choose to go forward or turn in a different direction. I wonder what question does that for you? To your journey!

Is the Journey Talk community for me?

We hope so. If you are someone who likes to listen to both your head and your heart when you are making personal and professional decisions, then you are a Journey Talker. If you have things you want to do and you occasionally run up against roadblocks, being a Journey Talker can help you go over, under, and through them. If you enjoy supporting other people in their journeys, you are clearly a Journey Talker. And if you see the road as a place to learn, experience, and try things, welcome to the community. Here's a short video that sums things up.

What are "Coffee Talks?"

Coffee Talks are when we get together and discuss a topic of collective interest. Imagine sitting around a table at a coffee shop with friends and even strangers, and enjoying an open, respectful, and lively conversation. The Coffee Talks are happening online right now via Zoom, and when things open up again we'll also do these in person. Wow, that will be nice! On Monday mornings at 10/7a, we take a business slant and Wednesdays at 8:30/5:30p, are more general in nature. Of course, feel free to bring your own beverage. Especially on those evening calls :)))

What's a Road Trip?

We're using the spirit of true road trips to create virtual experiences which help you get from one place to another in a different way. The Journey Talk Road Trip is a 6-week adventure with you and a car-full of compatriots who are after a positive and, quite possibly, life-changing experience. As an ICF-certified coach, Ed will lead the way – facilitating conversations, always keeping your goals in sight. Over six weeks, there will be group calls, a 1:1 check-in with Ed, and lots of time to bond with and benefit from your fellow travelers. You'll receive a printed Travel Guide with tools, frameworks, exercises, and resources to stay on course. Our Road Trips are real difference makers for people. This is where you truly get after the thing you've been wanting to get after. If you're serious about making some things happen in your life and your work, hop in for the ride. As an Adventurer, you enjoy two Road Trips a year at a reduced price. Read more about our Road Trips.

What's the Road Trip Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you come back from a trip feeling like it just wasn't worth the time or investment, you get your gas money back. A full refund.

How do I access the Slack channels?

As soon as you sign up as a Journey Talker (any of the three memberships), you'll receive an invitation to join the Journey Talk Slack channels. If you know Slack then you know it's a great way to stay in touch. And if this will be your first experience, you're going to love it.

What's the deal with the FB groups?

Just another way to stay connected. Be sure to sign up for the Journey Talk Community page where you can share your journey and see what's going on for other members.

What if I want to cancel my annual membership mid-year?

That's okay. We'll send you a refund for the unused months.

What can I do when I login to the site?

Taking a peek under the hood? Your site login is really for maintenance. View your purchases, track your gear, and update your saved payment info and addresses.

What are "Coffee Talk Specials?"

These are special Coffee Talks (okay, that's what the name says) where a Journey Talker provides insights and even instruction on a topic they are versed in. They're like mini classes and workshops. Like all of our talks they are one hour, which we hope makes them accessible even to people with crazy, busy lives. Specials happen once a month and they are available to Wanderers and Adventurers. Check out the schedule.

Mobile Guides? What are those?

Mobile Guides to the Universe are easy- and fast-reading PDFs that are perfect for flipping through on your phone or tablet. The subjects are directly related to your journey and you can think of them as "How to's." How to start the thing you've been wanting to start. How to say "no" to distractions and recognize them for what they are. How to keep going when things get tough. How to be there for someone else. And so on. As a Wanderer or Adventurer you'll receive four MGUs every year.

Tell me about the Podcasts.

There are two kinds. The Red Light Podcast is just 60-seconds and it captures thoughts we Journey Talkers have while stopped at a red light. Red Lights feature a different Journey Talker each week and go out every Sunday night. You can check out previous Red Lights here. The Journeys Podcast feature Ed's Person, Place & Thing (once a month) and longer interviews with Journey Talkers. Check 'em out here.

How can I get even more involved?

Let's talk. It's thanks to you that this community is able to grow and change. Staying current is the only way to meet the needs of Journey Talkers. Text or call Ed at 410.458.2298, or email him here.

What are Road Trip Meet-Ups?

These are exclusive to Adventurers. To keep the Road Trip vibe going even when you're not on the road, you'll meet with each other and Ed. Doing the math, that means we meet 10 times a year. Once a month between trips. Sometimes we'll just catch up with each other and other times Ed will share a new tool or strategy for keeping track of that North Star of yours.

Can you say more about the North Star reference?

Your North Star is your guide. The thing deep inside you. Call it a gathering place of your values, hopes, intentions, beliefs, and everything that matters. Too often, life causes us to get off course. Journey Talk is a reminder and an enabler. We want to help you stay true to your North Star even when it gets hard. And, it always gets hard. We call it The Relentless Pursuit of Your North Star.

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