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It's an honor

Thank you for being along on the ride.


In some ways, Journey Talk is a culmination for me. The creation of this community is the result of more than six decades on the planet. Like you, I've experienced wonderful things and pretty terrible things. Each chapter has played a part in getting me to where I am today. The country-wide motorcycle trip I took last summer gave me time to reflect on what I have seen and done in my life. It brought a lot of things together. I met people in towns and cities far away from the place I call home. And I got to hear their stories. Listening to them reminded me how lucky I have been to be surrounded by wonderful, caring people. I also thought a lot about the times I could have been better and I got to re-commit to being that person. 

You may have noted the tagline: To the relentless pursuit of your North Star. My North Star is a beacon. The thing that keeps me centered and on course. It represents who I know I can be when I am at my best. It is a reference point that guides me, regardless of the activities and goals I choose to chase in a given day, month, or year. It keeps me grounded even as I take on new challenges. And it alerts me when I veer off course, something I tend to do from time to time.


If I were to try and name this purpose of mine...I would say I am always seeking to create environments where people can be their best selves and be empowered to travel the journey they choose. Hence, Journey Talk!

Every one of us has a story to tell.

My hope is that Journey Talk becomes a place where we can come together, virtually and face-to-face, to share our stories and be inspired to keep getting after that thing each of us wants. In a way, this site...this like life itself. It will continue to change and evolve. Most importantly, it needs you to gain momentum, grow, and be what it has the opportunity to be. 

So, I thank you for participating. For being part of Journey Talk. For sharing yourself. For supporting your fellow voyagers. 

With love,

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