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Why to visit Morocco

Morocco is shining jewel in North Africa. It has rich culture that is a blend of Arab, Berber, European and African influences. Morocco is well known by it’s colorful cities that from white city-Casablanca, blue city- Chefchaouen, yellow city-Fes, pink city- Marrakech to golden Sahara desert. It offers a rich variety of activities whether your interested in architecture, history, the arts, food, outdoor adventure sports or relaxation. Visitors can explore breath taking Sahara desert dunes, incredible historical sites- ancient Roman city Volubilis, thousand–year labyrinthine medina in Fes and romantic city Chefchaouen. Nine places are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Is Morocco safe to travel to?

Different from other neighbor countries in Africa, Morocco is a very safe and peaceful country. Recently, it passed a new law that imposed tougher penalties on sexual harassment and violence against women, and tourist police are often undercover in the most touristy areas to help keep people safe. As a country with lots of tourists, there are occasionally pickpockets or scams in busy areas such as Marrakech Djemaa El Fna square, but it is much less common compared to many other European countries.

When to visit Morocco

Most of the seasons are comfortable with average temperatures from 15°C to 25°C. Spring and autumn are the most popular times to visit. Therefore, the accommodation prices are highest during this time. Low season is from July to August which are hot for most of the tourists. However, the prices are cheaper. Ramadan will commence between the end of April and late May. Eid Al Adha will fall around August. They may cause some inconvenience since some restaurants may close during this period.

How to travel in Morocco

Although you can get around big cities in Morocco by train, bus to taxi, joining a tour is a more efficient and better way to go. Because Morocco is a developing Africa country, it isn't super well-connected for tourists; it's not easy to visit certain places independently, and it needs lot of coordination. For example, visiting Sahara desert or Fes Medina can be difficult by yourself. Especially many Moroccan locals do not speak English.

What to bring to Morocco

Things to bring are as your usual traveling to everywhere like passports, comfortable clothes, sneakers, sunscreen, hat, phone adapter, power plug adapter (type C). Morocco Dirham can be exchanged everywhere from airport to bank or hotel ATM. Getting some coins since most of toilets ask coins and need to bring your own toilet paper. If you need wifi, local SIM card as Orange or Maroc Telecom can be brought at cost of 10 USD for 5 -10 GB either at airport or local stores. You may need to unlock you phone from your phone company.

A little more about Journey Talk.


Hey, Ed here. The creation of this community is the product of my more than six decades on the planet. Like you, I've experienced wonderful things and some pretty terrible things. Each chapter has played a part in getting me here. The country-wide motorcycle trip I took in the spring and summer of 2019 gave me time to reflect and, frankly, to be grateful. In those 10,000 miles I got to meet so many people and listen to their stories. Every story reminded me of how lucky I am to be 

surrounded by all of you. People who care and are committed to being their best selves. My hope is that Journey Talk becomes a place where we can come together virtually, and face-to-face, to share our stories and be inspired to keep getting after the thing each of us finds in our core. On more than one occasion I have shifted my journey after a friend, work peer, or family member asked me this question: "Ed, what's stopping you?" Hearing that inquiry always gives me pause and, in time, I get clear about what I want and then choose to go forward or turn in a different direction. I wonder what question does that for you? To your journey!