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Keep it Rolling 
Road Trip

The Keep it Rolling is the follow-up Road Trip to the 0-60. To fully understand what it’s about requires a short and quick dive into one Ed's observations on life. Bear withs us, but...


Go back to the earliest years of your life. Or, if you have young ones, think about what they’re exposed to in terms of fairy tales and promises. From the earliest ages, we learn about the chase. Pursuing a dream, an idea, or the beautiful princess or handsome prince. This idea shows up in books, movies, games, and plenty of Disney merchandise!


What doesn’t show up is any advice or recommendations about what to do next. What happens after you capture the princess? What happens after you get into the school you wanted, land the job you were after, or make the life change you dared to make? We’re not taught about what to do next. There is no How-To book on maintaining, sustaining, and overcoming the multitude of challenges that show up AFTER we grab the golden ring.


Enter the Keep it Rolling Road Trip.


In the 0-60 Road Trip, you took a stand for yourself and committed to a job search or life change or something else you’d been wanting to do. In the KiR, we’ll pick it from where you are now. We’ll look at three areas in this 6-week group coaching experience.


I. We’ll check in to see how things are going and explore your definition of success. How do you measure it? How would you gauge your level of passion? How’s it going so far?


II. Next, we’ll address how the going gets harder after the initial dopamine buzz of doing something new fades away. How do we keep going when we start to question our decision? When other people start judging. When something doesn’t go right. When we miss something about the old way. When we find ourselves losing interest. Or when any of a thousand other obstacles show up in our path.


III. We’ll look at tools to get you through, in, around, and over the challenges. We’ll set you up for the long journey and make sure you get off the road every so often to celebrate the small (and big) victories.

Of course, feel free to reach out to learn more. I cannot wait to ride with you! 


The Keep it Rolling Road Trip leaves soon.


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6 week Trip

Let's get rolling.

Keep it Rolling

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Join 0-60

What can you tell me before jumping in?

  • First...and to help you relax...remember you have the Road Trip Satisfaction Guarantee. Upon return, if you didn't like the trip or get anything out of it, you get your gas money back. A full refund. 

  • As soon as you sign up you'll receive the link to the Travel Guide. You can start preparing as soon as you want.

  • We start before we start. We'll get together on Zoom the week before we head out to learn about each other and start to get familiar.

  • You'll each be after your own pursuit but you'll also be connected by a common desire to move forward toward something that matters. 

  • You'll go through stages of committing and declaring out loud what you want; bringing it into your daily life; making specific plans; and then beginning. 

  • You'll be boosted by the courage of others and you'll do your own boosting. Mountains get climbed one hold after another with trustworthy belaying partners. 

Travel Dates

Next trip dates coming soon

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