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The best teams

Ride (and rise) Together

The Journey Talk Team Road Trip is an 8-week virtual coaching experience.


You get in the car together, tussle for seats, then dive into the good stuff and, even, the hard stuff. This is only for the brave. Few teams trust each other enough to embark on this kind of a soul-seeking journey. A lot of organizations say culture matters, but only the ones who mean it actually put in the miles and have the difficult conversations. 


The many rewards for getting in the car together.

Stronger relationships and better communication. Higher levels of trust and psychological safety. More effective and empathetic feedback loops. Greater creativity and problem solving across all functions. Goals met and surpassed. And dare we say, greater fun and fulfillment.


Whether you’re taking this Road Trip to get to know one another better, smooth out a rough patch, or reach for the stars, you get to put your spin on it. It’s our hope your time together in the car is transformative. 

During this Road Trip, you will...

  • Build psychological safety and trust.

  • Lock in shared values. We call it your North Star.

  • Get clear on purpose and mission, and eliminate scope creep.

  • Come to relish feedback.

  • Agree on your team brand and how it gets communicated.

  • Explore the big dream. The thing you might not even talk about right now.


The Journey Talk Team Road Trip is for teams of eight people or fewer. We meet on Zoom, once a week for one hour at a time. There will be a total of nine group calls, weekly peer coaching, and each member of the team will have a 1:1 with Ed. You'll begin by taking a newly-designed personally assessment that will reveal fascinating information about yourself and your fellow travelers. Then we’ll follow a Travel Guide that provides a path forward. We'll leave plenty of room for exploration. This is a road trip after all. And, just like the ones we all took in college, and with our families and friends, this road trip will be defined by the unexpected moments. The things that happen along the journey that seemingly show up out of nowhere.


To learn more about how this trip can work for your team, reach out to Ed. Email him here or call him at 410-458-2298. As with all the Road Trips on Journey Talk, the Team Trip comes with the Road Trip Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t enjoy the ride and return refreshed and ready to roll, you will have all of your gas money returned.

For a more detailed look at the ROI of the Team Road trip, click here.

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