There is a book

in all of us

I am currently working on mine.


I hope you start writing yours, as well. I get that famous people write autobiographies or have books written about them. But I also think everyone deserves to have their own memoir. Every life is important and unique and no single life is more important or unique than another. If you ask me, it is the “unremarkable” life that is most remarkable. By unremarkable, I mean the life most of us lead. Most of us don’t make the headlines and we’d rather pass on our 15-minutes of fame, thank you very much. We go about our days just trying to meet our responsibilities, have a little fun, and show up for our family, friends, and work partners.


When it's finished, this book will be two stories in one. It is the story of my life and the story of the motorcycle trip. These are my memories, and my hope is that something I share reminds you of your life and causes you to reflect on how amazing your journey has been. Simply, it's not about my story. It's about you having a place to stop and think about your story.

The working title for the book is Unremarkable. The chapters are short. Each one, its own story. Here are the first few...

Chapters  1 – 5

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Chapters  9 – Interlude 2

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Chapters  6 – Interlude 1

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Chapters  13 – Interlude 3

Chapter 13 - Interlude 3 revised
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