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We don't take a trip.

A trip takes us.

Hello, Ed here.


Welcome to Journey Talk. In the spring and summer of 2019, I lived out a decades-long dream to travel the country on motorcycle. I rode nearly 11,000 miles in just over two months. This trip was about the trip. I looked forward to getting up every morning and simply experiencing the road. I am grateful for having had this opportunity and even more grateful for what it reminded me of.

It reminded me that our lives are truly about the journey.

I had always thought statements like, "It's the journey not the destination," to be a cliché. Maybe you rolled your eyes a little, as well! This trip reminded me it is an undeniable truth. 

John Steinbeck once wrote, "We don't take a trip. A trip takes us."


Think about a journey you have taken. To be clear, a journey doesn’t require physically going anywhere. No mileage required! Maybe your journey was a unique career path. Or a personal journey. And what about the one that is out there? The one you think about and have not yet taken? Maybe it is a dream or an idea you can’t shake.


This community is for you. It is for voyagers. It is for those of us who are following a North Star of purpose, joy, love, impact, challenge, even adventure of the mental or physical kind. Some of us know exactly what we want. For others, our passions are elusive and require teasing out. In this community you will find compatriots. People who will share their journeys current, past, and future, and who will support you in going after the thing you want. This is not about the Facebook world where all appears to be perfect. This is the real one. Where things do not always go right. Where we take a wrong turn or two. Where simply taking the first step often requires we overcome fears real and imagined.


Please look around the site. Check out the stories of contributors. And when you are ready, join the conversation. You can do so by sending your stories in video or text format. All it takes is an email and you'll find out about that in the Share section. I am also excited about the opportunity to work with you one-to-one (check out Your Journey).


And I especially hope you make it a semi-regular or even a regular habit to join our Coffee Hour conversations. This is where we get together virtually and in-person and discuss a topic of shared interest. You’ll find more about this and a calendar of upcoming meetings in the Talk section. These Coffee/Bourbon Hours are at the heart of what Journey Talk is about. Learning from one another. Giving each other a boost. Challenging each other. Listening and taking the time to hear perspectives that are different from the ones we carry around. 


On more than one occasion I have begun a journey after a friend, peer, or family member asked me this question: "Ed, what's stopping you?" Hearing that inquiry always makes me pause to think. In time I get clear about what I want. Sometimes I choose to go forward and other times I turn down a different road. It’s all good. Journey Talk is judgment free. 


My motorcycle trip was inspired by a television show that has long since stopped airing. In every episode of Then Came Bronson, the cool biker guy was always asked the same question. Someone would approach him and ask, “Where you headed?” Bronson’s answer...

"Wherever I end up, I guess."

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