0-60 Road Trip

This is a uniquely important time to be looking at our "what's next." As we emerge from the pandemic, we have an opportunity to re-brand, re-focus, and pivot in our work and our lives.


We all have things we want to do. Then life gets in the way. We put off our dream or our idea. We stop ourselves or let outside distractions get in the way. Could be a new job. Career change. A new relationship. Getting serious about writing, music, health, or another passion. Creating a better living arrangement. Taking a trip, climbing a mountain, starting a business. Having a hard conversation. Anything.

The 0-60 Road Trip is the thing that can get you going. Fast.

What is it you've been wanting to do but you can't seem to get out of the driveway? This Road Trip is designed to not only have you pull out into traffic, but to start accelerating to your goals. Okay, puns aside...the idea here is to commit to something you've been wanting to do and to start. With people here to support you and a proven path to follow, it will be easier and probably a lot more fun to do so.  


The next 0-60 Road Trip leaves soon.

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6-week Experience


Virtual Road Trip

Questions? Email Ed at ed@journeytalk.community

What can you tell me before jumping in?

  • First...and to help you relax...remember you have the Road Trip Satisfaction Guarantee. Upon return, if you didn't like the trip or get anything out of it, you get your gas money back. A full refund. 

  • As soon as you sign up you'll receive the link to the Travel Guide. You can start preparing as soon as you want.

  • We start before we start. We'll get together on Zoom the week before we head out to learn about each other and start to get familiar.

  • You'll each be after your own pursuit but you'll also be connected by a common desire to move forward toward something that matters. 

  • You'll go through stages of committing and declaring out loud what you want; bringing it into your daily life; making specific plans; and then beginning. 

  • You'll be boosted by the courage of others and you'll do your own boosting. Mountains get climbed one hold after another with trustworthy belaying partners. 

Travel Dates

Next trip dates coming soon

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First group meeting

First Leg

Second Leg

Third Leg &

1-on-1 with Ed

Fourth Leg

Fifth Leg


Final group meeting