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Be sure to check out one of our online or in-person Coffee Talks. It's where we connect and dive into conversation. Sometimes the topic is serious, other times just entertaining. It's a safe laboratory for testing ideas, discussing the things that matter most, and especially for listening, getting curious, and being inspired by each other's stories. Here's the schedule. 

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Open Mic
Open Mic
Sep 22, 7:00 PM
Open Mic
Open Mics are online conversations where you bring the topic. Just show up with something on your mind, something to share, or a question to ask...and we'll dive in.
On the Road

Let's take a

Road Trip

Road Trips are virtual group coaching adventures led by an ICF-certified coach.
The Personal Road Trip is for you when you 
want to get after something in your own life.
The Team Trip is for your work team when you're wanting to up your game together. 

And the Leaders Road Trip is for you if you've taken on the responsibility that goes with

leadership and want to be your inspirational best.

The Three Pillars of Journey Talk:


Passion & Decency. 

Journey Talk. What is it and who is it for? We are a community. A safe space for friends and strangers who are connected by who they are. Okay, by who you are. A trailblazer of your own life. Part rebel and part responsible. Voyager. Someone pursuing a vision that often requires taking chances, stepping out, and choosing the proverbial road less traveled. You are following a pulse, a purpose, that you feel in your heart even if you can't always describe it with words. (A little like this, in fact!) You are flesh and bone and superhero in one.


We call it the relentless pursuit of your North Star. 


Living a fulfilling life is about taking on the journey and having the courage to do the things that most speak to you. Sometimes the road is smooth and wide open. Sometimes the path seems impassable. And while it can feel freeing and  gratifying to be out there by yourself, it's good to know you have compatriots.


That's who you'll find here.


People who have your back. People who want to know what you're up to. People who will inspire you just as you inspire them.

Hi, Ed here. Journey Talk

Founder, fellow traveler and ICF-certified coach. Thanks for

hopping on board. If you have questions, thoughts, or requests, you can reach me at



Having this community of amazing, supportive people to talk with and lean on is invaluable. Ed's writing is insightful and empathetic, with a dash of humor thrown in for good measure. After joining in on the Coffee Talk calls and going on a 0-60 Road Trip, I know I wouldn't be where I am today without Journey Talk. And I love where I am.

- Laura

What's your North Star?

Recently, a friend of mine who is an astronomer reminded me of something important. We were discussing the idea of a North Star and he reminded me that the North Star (the one in the sky) is not necessarily something we aim for. It is not a destination.


Rather, it is a reference point.


We can be aiming for something 180 degrees in the opposite direction but as long as the North Star appears in our sites where it is supposed to appear, then we are headed correctly. Hearing this was a moment of clarity for me.


So when I talk about "The relentless pursuit of your North Star," I am not talking about a destination.


I am talking about how we intend to approach our journey. Like the one in the sky, this North Star is a reference point. It's the thing that keeps us on course. It's a combination of our intentions, beliefs, brand, and who we are as our best self. Our North Star is not a destination, it's a guide. And checking in on it from time to time makes everything else possible. Including all of these... 

  • Following the career path you want,

  • Living where and how you want,

  • Having the relationships you want,

  • Going after your dream or, if you don't believe in dreams,  going after that thing in your heart you can't shake,

  • Overcoming fears of "what if?"

  • Having resilience to stand up when you fall down or are knocked down,

  • Saying "thank you" to naysayers,

  • Recognizing everyone else has the same right as you do – to be in pursuit of their own North Star,

  • Being okay when you're not sure what you want,

  • Telling your story so others can be inspired,

  • Engaging in conversation to learn, not win points,

  • Being grateful to be on a journey even when you just want to quit, and...

  • Simply choosing to be on the ride.

I love everything Ed does; his writing style is so open and honest that it makes me read all the way through every time. His stuff is so energizing and makes you believe anything is possible. And as long as you believe it, you know you're going to have guidance along the way.

- Kim



Upcoming Events

  • "Culturability" with Jane
    Tue, Sep 28
    "Culturability" with Jane
    Jane Mao is going to be here to lead off our conversation on what exactly "Culturability" is. This is going to be a great session for anyone who wants to be influential and impactful at work or play.
  • Work 30
    Fri, Oct 01
    Work 30
    Work 30
    This is our 30-minute workday check-in. We'll go around the virtual table and talk each other through any challenges on the horizon. It'll be quick, promise, so you can get on to big things.
  • Open Mic
    Wed, Sep 22
    Open Mic
    Open Mic
    Open Mics are online conversations where you bring the topic. Just show up with something on your mind, something to share, or a question to ask...and we'll dive in.