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Meet (un)likely people.

It used to be who you know. Now, it's who you meet. Who can you meet who offers you a new perspective. Who can you meet who has insight into the next thing you are considering doing and can help you get there. Who can you meet who makes you think. Here at Journey Talk, you will meet people just like you and people unlike you. That's the beauty of it. 

Never before have so many of us felt the urge to find what's next and to begin something new.

We are in an unprecedented time where so many of us have an urge to find what's next and to do something new. Something meaningful. Maybe this next thing of ours is discoverable and reachable on our own. But I contend it is easier and more fun to get after it when in the company of other like and unlike people. At least that's what I've seen in the last couple of years. Through Journey Talk, people who never would have met one another have met one another. These others have turned into friends, colleagues, clients.


If you're in this place of change, you know it can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. Journey Talk offers three opportunities to keep things on the side of exhilarating.


Coffee Talks. These are virtual and in-person sessions when the Journey Talk community gets together to talk. The beverage choice is up to you and the subjects are wide-ranging. We offer these Coffees on different days and times so there should be one that fits your schedule. Click here for the current line-up.


Road Trips. Ahh, Road Trips. These are 6-8 week virtual group-coaching sessions that capture the spirit of the road trip. We have road trips for individuals where you meet other (un)likely people; for work teams; and for leaders. Click here for more.


1:1 Coaching. With me. I'm an ICF-certified coach and nothing makes me happier than helping someone be intentional about making something happen in their life and work. For more about what we can get done together, click here.


Hi, Ed here. Journey Talk

Founder, fellow traveler and ICF-certified coach. Thanks for

hopping on board. If you have questions, thoughts, or requests, you can reach me at



I was first introduced to Journey Talk as a platform dedicated to the exchange of personal experiences – creating connections and sharing perspectives. Since then, Journey Talk has become a means for me to expand my community, opening dialogue and creating space for reflection. I appreciate having the opportunity to engage with others from different backgrounds on different paths, in a welcoming and supportive environment. With the platform reaching its next level of growth and development, I'm excited to make use of the complete set of tools and resources on the next leg of my journey.

- Jessica
On the Road

Let's take a

Road Trip

Road Trips are virtual group coaching adventures led by an ICF-certified coach.
The Personal Road Trip is for you when you 
want to get after something in your own life.
The Team Trip is for your work team when you're wanting to up your game together. 

And the Leaders Road Trip is for you if you've taken on the responsibility that goes with

leadership and want to be your inspirational best.



Having this community of amazing, supportive people to talk with and lean on is invaluable. Ed's writing is insightful and empathetic, with a dash of humor thrown in for good measure. After joining in on the Coffee Talk calls and going on a 0-60 Road Trip, I know I wouldn't be where I am today without Journey Talk. And I love where I am.

- Laura
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Ed Stern, ICF-Certified Coach

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